I’ve already written about my love of yoga. It’s most definitely useful for me in fighting my anxiety. I’ve ALWAYS loved the idea of doing SUP yoga. For those of you that don’t know, SUP, is otherwise known as stand up paddleboarding; it involves standing on a board similar to a surf board and with a long paddle you manoeuvre, cruise or fall in the water around you! So SUP yoga, is yoga on a paddleboard!

Today I actually got to do it! After about a year of trying to get on a class, I did it! It was so much fun. The weather just about held up. We paddled from Exmouth to Dawlish, the sea and sky were blue, a little choppy on the water, and a wee bit of wind! I was well and truly at one with nature. 

The yoga was challenging……………. obviously….I was on a board in the middle of a slightly choppy sea trying to master Warrior one! Interestingly once I’d jumped off the board into the water (on purpose!!), I became much more fearless and more daring with the yoga. Not that I was afraid of falling in the water, I didn’t really want to go in but once I did, I’d faced the fact that falling in wasn’t so bad, and I relaxed, challenged myself, fell in and laughed a lot! 

Mindful musings for today;

There’s no point trying something new if you aren’t going to put your all in to it. 

Face your fears.

Laugh, or at least smile! It WILL change your mood.