Online Yoga Classes with Amy Blythe

Relaxation Sessions

A combination of gentle yoga, yin yoga, mindfulness mediation and relaxation practices. To calm the body and mind throughout this lockdown period.

All relaxation classes in November are FREE.

Wednesday 11th November 6.30pm 30-45mins
Wednesday 18th November 6.30pm 30-45mins
Wednesday 25th November 6.30pm 30-45mins

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow, steady practice. postures are often seated on lying down and held for a number of minutes, allowing a stretch deep into the tissues of the body. It may allow a sense of softness and surrender. Mindful, balancing and calm.

Yin classes are £5 per person.

Sunday 15th November 10am 60mins
Friday 20th November 6.30pm 60mins
Friday 4th December 6.30pm 60mins
Sunday 20th December 4pm 60mins
(inc. with membership)

End of 2020 Yoga & Relax

It’s been a strange old year! Join me for a session of yoga and relaxation to end the year. A blissful 75 minutes of self-care time. You may need a blanket, eye pillow, space and quiet. Limited to 12 spaces.

Wednesday 30th December 6.30pm 75mins
£7 per person. £5 for members.