Oh the comments, the ribbing, the banter that I have had about my left and right whilst teaching yoga via Zoom! I feel it’s time to explain!

It’s fairly common knowledge that in normal life, I certainly have to think about which is my left and which is my right! But I get there eventually. There’s no rush after all, except if you need to tell someone to make a quick left or right turn! To confuse my brain even more I now have a ‘yoga left’ and a ‘yoga right’. My yoga right is my actual left, and my yoga left is my actual right! Confused?! I’m laughing at myself as I write this, thinking about you all shaking your heads and thinking “this woman is mad!”

When I teach, I mirror my yogis! So that we are all going the same direction. So if you close your eyes and follow my instructions all should be well. We should all lean, stretch and lengthen in the same direction! So that’s the theory! Just to add to complexities of my left/right awareness, I also need to make sure I remember which is yoga left and yoga right! So I make sure I have all my jewellery on my yoga right, actual left…..ring, watch, toe ring. I’ll often feel for my ring on my finger to make sure I’m telling you the right direction to go in, or peer down at my foot to check where my toe ring is!

And so there you have it….all the left/right secrets of the yoga teacher! Or at least your yoga teacher! If I haven’t already scared you off from my classes, this could be it! A little lighthearted look at the struggles I face teaching you fabulous people yoga!