I’m currently 25000 feet up in the air! This WILL be the highest post I ever write! 

I’ve had a moment today. For some reason, ever since I had my kids I’ve hated flying. Pre kids I was invincible, immortal! Then kids come along and suddenly you aren’t either of those! Or that’s how I felt! Consequently now I don’t really enjoy the whole flying experience, which is a bit of a pain in the ass because I love travelling and want to see what lies beyond the beautiful Devon boundary!

My patient other half has probably just got the feeling back in his hand from take off, just in time for the grip that he’ll endure with landing! 

I felt a bit easier anxiety wise this morning, a gentle herbal tablet, Neals Yard Remedy to Roll – Relaxation (I sell it so I’m a big fan!) on the pulse points and a brilliant brilliant audio book by Brene Brown, The Power of Vunerability have seen me through….so far!

Brene Brown is definitely worth looking up. She has done lots of Ted Talks, so is easy to find. Her book, The Power of Vunerability, has so many layers, its full of humility, education, realisation and its funny!! Go and check her out! 

Just a quick post today! I’m now preparing for landing…..seat belt, tight grip, then some Italian wine! 

Ciao x