Spring certainly feels like it has sprung. I’m writing this in the sunshine, albeit with a jumper or two on, but to feel the sun on my face is just lovely. Here’s hoping that it lasts a little while longer. Yet again time has run away with me, I’ve been meaning to write this post for month….literally months! So here we go.

Seven year old yogi

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful seven year old niece. She moved to Guernsey in August with my sister, brother-in-law, my equally beautiful five year old niece and my crazy nephew. I miss them all a lot!

Every so often I have messages from my sister and brother-in-law saying ‘I’ve been asked to send you this……for the website” and attached are pictures of this seven year old yogi, just doing her thing! Tree pose, or meditating or just throwing out a wheel. I love it. I am proud of this kind hearted little girl, and hope that she continues her yoga practicing as she grows up. It’s a great life skill for her to have.

So here she is, the 7-year-old-yogi, just making shapes and being calm!



I wish I’d found yoga when I was seven! Thank you for letting me share these pictures beautiful girl!

Namaste x