In short, the Expo arose from a desire to show people what self-care can look like, and how important it is to practice self-care. I wanted to create a day which allowed individuals to show case their work, where there was no competition for business, just a unity of business individuals promoting self-care and wellness. I also wanted to provide a place where people could come and learn about self-care, it is maybe still considered to be a bit of a buzzword.  There is no particular person that I was aiming to reach because self-care is for everyone. In my mind it’s an important step in maintaining good mental health.

As a Neal’s Yard Remedies Independent Consultant I’d been to ‘fairs’ to sell the beautiful products, honestly I never did that well, but I think that is more about me not being a great salesperson than anything else! It frustrated me that if I paid less for a plot; I got stuck in a corner. Then the chap selling a different brand of essential oils, who’d paid more for a bigger space, was two plots away. And I often struggled to find a continuity of theme for the event. Do I sound bitter? I don’t mean to, it just made me wonder if I could organise something similar with direction and intention.

Self-care and wellness was the obvious focus for my Expo. My experience with health anxiety meant I learnt the hard way about the importance of looking after myself properly. It meant becoming more self-aware, understanding when I really needed to take a step back and take action to nourish and care for myself. Self-care can be a journey of self-discovery if you want it to be.

“Self-care is not selfish. It is essential, a necessity.”

My work as a sports massage therapist and a yoga teacher allow me to be in an humbling position. where clients open up and talk about their lives. All to often their lives are busy, chaotic and pressured. Looking after others, striving to be the best in every role they find themselves in, meeting deadlines and generally not taking time to really notice how they are. I think that is the basis of self-care; taking the time and being mindful to actually, say out loud, “How am I today?”

So that’s where the Expo stems from. A simple desire to share the self-care and wellness message, to help people bring self-care into their lives, and to use a cliché, to help them become the best version of themselves. Oh and to see if I could organise an event to be proud of!

I hope you will come and join me on October 16th/17th. Here’s the link to book your tickets. It’d be good to see you there!