About this time last year I posted the following blog post. I’m reposting A Moment of Realisation for new readers to discover the blog, and because the similarities between now and then are uncanny!  I also would still say “no, I don’t suffer with anxiety!” I was interested to see that this time last year was a time of new beginnings and realisation, it seems that history is repeating itself.

New beginnings. New exciting challenges. New adventures. All will be revealed in good time! Don’t you just love a carrot!

It’s been really nice reading through my blog posts, I’ve never done it before! Anyway here is the repost of one of my blogs from last year, so relevant to right now!

A Moment of Realisation

Wow. It’s been a while! And for good reason. Often if I go quiet it’s because life is a bit challenging. This time it’s completely the opposite.

New beginnings. New positive challenges. New adventures.

Right now if you were to ask me if I had an anxiety issue, I’d say no. This feels amazing! I am aware that one day something might happen that will allow it to return, but I feel stronger and more able to cope should this happen.

No single “cure”

One of my new business ventures led me to going on a course to enable me to lead groups through mindfulness practices. Through one particular practice, I was just sitting quietly with myself through a meditation. I can’t remember exactly what our teacher was saying but it prompted this sudden realisation of how all the different techniques that I had experienced through different parts of my life, overlapped, intertwined and fundamentally have allowed me to deal with anxiety. That actually there is no miracle cure for anxiety. There was, for me, no one thing that was going to ‘cure’ this issue. It was simply a combination of lots of skills, ideas, activities and techniques.

I find it really hard to explain how I felt in that moment, the paragraph above is my eighth attempt at trying and I still don’t think I’ve really caught it. Maybe I’m not meant to and it’s just for me to know.

Feeling like this has made me want to help others even more. For me writing, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, creativity, exercise and eating and drinking well are the keys to keeping me calm, feeling less overwhelmed. I’m hoping my next journey lets me share what I have learnt, and helps other reach a similar place to me.

Thanks for reading. It’s good to be back x


And so, my self-care mission began! Promoting self-care, driving home the importance of self-care in regards to mental health problems, and ensuring people know that self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.