In the Beginning

I have dealt with anxiety for a number of years. Mine is health related anxiety. I can’t exactly pin point why it started, or when. I don’t have it all the time, but have bouts of it, phases of feeling rubbish, afraid and worried.

I wrote this when I started Shamelessly Me in July 2017. Since then I have worked hard to really get my anxiety under control. For the first time in, I don’t know how long, I feel that I can say I had anxiety. No doubt I’ll have incidences or set backs along the way, but I feel now that I control it rather than it controlling me. This fact, more than ever makes me want to keep blogging to help others get to the same place as me.

Anxiety is a completely normal and essential part of life. We’d be a reckless race without it. As far as I understand my anxiety doesn’t have a trip switch. It doesn’t know when to stop. Hence the irrational thoughts and fears.

I didn’t have an obvious trigger for my anxiety. Generally I’d just become aware of my heart beating really hard, or my breathing becomes a bit tight, or I’d have an odd sensation that I became obsessed by; all of which mean some impending disaster… obviously! I make light of it when I’m feeling good, but when it goes on for days, or I’m on my own at night, it’s a different story.

I decided to start this blog for two reasons. Firstly, I love writing, I want to write. And secondly because when I was going though hard times with my anxiety I wanted to find something that would help me. Without medical intervention, without paying for it. I wanted ideas to help me feel better and not so desperate or out of control or fed up. So that’s what I am hoping to do. To make you smile, to give you ideas and to give you an outlet to link up with others through Anxiety Angel! I want to keep it positive though, not woe-is-me but wow-is-me!

I have no training or qualifications in anything to do with anxiety or mental health, so everything written on these pages, by me, is my own personal opinion.