I am lucky enough to do something I love for my work. I ran my first day retreat in October. A Wellness Day Retreat where I aimed to give the attendees a day of focusing on their wellbeing, a day to slow down, to move, to breath and to be mindful. I introduce journalling and suggest ways to start. For one attendee the suggestion of a poem reignited something in her; poetry is something she’d done before but not for a while. I was humbled to receive this poem from her, and she’s given me permission to share it with you. Thank you Celia.


I wake with anticipation; a misty morning greets me and the day ahead

I leave my calm home, cars everywhere – people getting nowhere

I am a little late to the retreat, where we meet

I arrive Amy greets me, a calming influence for the day ahead.

I meet the group, individuals here to embrace an experience

High on a hill above the hustle and bustle, on our mats to peace, stillness, and tranquility

Above the sounds of the birds and bees, Amy’s soft voice with a calm tone starts our journey into wellness

We start with meditation, look inwards hearing nature, calming our minds, bodies with affinity

We are introduced to journaling, and start with writing ….”I will”….

It will be our safe space, no censor, no filter, no judgement just writing what we think and feel

Write things that you are grateful for in your life, it’s a discovery, appreciation of what you have and how you feel

Through this simple task you will find stillness in your mind…I will..

We start our Yoga practice, time without limits.

Calm within the space, positive energy as we move through sequences

Pause for lunch, we have time and space to wander, to stay, to chat, to explore, to be alone

Time to engage with fellow students, chatting about life experiences.

We end the day with Yin Yoga, the static calm, I enjoy

After, we have tea, cake, and chat about our day, before we go home

So much has been given and received in the simplest of forms

Waiting now for the next Retreat, to be informed…..

Thank you, Amy…..


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