First target achieved! I am posting on the exact day that I planned to!! Hooray.

Last week I made a sort of a pledge to you that I would attempt to sort my ball-of-wool head out and try and get some control back in my world. I had been thinking that I should start getting everything back on track for a while, but making that declaration in the public domain on my blog, has made me take ownership and deal with it.

I’m pleased to report that some order and control has been resumed! Blog plan made. BuJo looking good. Lists made. Meditation? Better, twice this week. Exercise? On hold, stinking cold.  Laundry? ongoing!! So you see I’ve made progress!

This week I’m setting us all a task. Mindfulness. In our crazy busy worlds we miss so much of what is around us. Since I did a mindfulness course, nearly two years ago, I’ve been much better at taking the time to notice what is around me. Did you notice the colours of the leaves this autumn; the pinks, yellow, oranges?  When did you last notice the moon, the stars? What about the birds in your garden or local park; their colours, their features? These are things that are around us all the time, but because we have our heads down, rushing to the next place, we miss it all.


Of course its not just about what you see, but how things sound, feel, smell and taste. It’s about connecting with the here and now. Taking a moment and really being in it. So my challenge to you this week, and I will do it too, is to be more mindful of what you see around you.  Really drink it in, how does it make you feel? Take a photo if you want to and post it here. Next week I’ll post my mindful pictures. Don’t force it, just sit for five minutes and really look.

Enjoy being mindful. Thanks for reading x