Page Turners

Welcome to Page Turners, our own little book club! I love reading. There is not a lot that is better than getting lost in a good book or when you read and just absorb the information you are reading; the wide eyed fascination of something that you didn’t know!

There are some books that I read that I just love and want to tell the world about. Page Turners is a space for me to tell you about books I think you should feast your eyes upon, and for you to get involved too! Share your thoughts on the books, and maybe suggest a future read!


by Raynor Winn




I came across this book in a magazine. The tag line caught my eye – Good Mood Food. The idea of bettering my mood by eating the right foods certainly appeals, using food for health benefits and to reduce my anxiety……yes please.

The author, Rachel Kelly is really open about her history of depression and anxiety. The book is the result of her personal experience and obviously lots of research into the health benefits of food. Along with nutritional therapist, Alice Macintosh, they have produced a book that is absorbing, educational and easy to understand. It is also full of hope.

The chapters are full of nutritional expertise, recipes, food plans and food choices to help combat low mood, to help calm a busy mind, to soothe your mind, help you sleep and to support hormone balance. Honestly so much information to help YOU. There is also a little section on mindful eating, and we all know I love anything “mindfulness”!

I’ve tried lots of the recipes, for which, by the way you don’t need fancy ingredients, just a regular supermarket shop. Feeling fragile dark chocolate brazil nut brownies are divine. Chicken pie with sweet potato topping in the chapter on comfort food is so pretty (you will see what I mean) and tasty and yes….comforting. I could go on, but I’m trying to keep the word count down!

There is nothing negative about this book, I simply love it. I think you will too.