Have you come across the Blurt Foundation? I first stumbled a year or so ago when I was looking for help for my anxiety. Apart from the brilliant articles, resources and help they give people suffering with depression and anxiety, they also have a Buddy Box subscription. The Buddy Box is a brilliant, feel good box of goodies that land on your door mat once a month! They call it a “hug in a box”.  I dropped huge, unsubtle hints to my partner that the blurt foundation’s Buddy Box would be a nice christmas gift! The huge, unsubtle hints worked….and it was a bloody good present!!!

I asked the Blurt team for their tips on dealing with anxiety….always good to get different opinions! See what you think to this list!

  • Apps for managing anxiety (e.g Headspace) as they can really help tune out the intrusive thoughts.
  • Blankets – there is something about the weight of them that is really soothing.
  • A warm drink like a herbal tea or hot chocolate
  • Headphones plus a podcast or radio, again to tune out the intrusive thoughts.
  • Crafting. It could be anything – knitting, crochet, drawing, painting – something using the hands and keep our mind occupied but not stressed.
  • Gentle exercise, like walking or yoga.
  • Watching something on TV that you’ve seen before or know that you enjoy – Friends, Great British Bake Off etc

What are your thoughts? I love the blanket idea. I’ll be trying that one. Definitely check out their website The Blurt Foundation. I’m off to find a blanket!

Happy snuggling x